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February 27, 2013

So tonight the boys are playing at The Roxy. They're perfoming songs like Curious, One Day, Santeria, and even Jaiden! They are suppose to also be performing BRAND NEW MUSIC!! So excited for the upcoming photos, footage, and music that will surely be coming tonight! I even heard that Kenny and Kyle were there to perform Sunset Blvd! So rad, right? Well, this site is brand spanking new! Hope you share it with your fellow Emblem friends!

Match 2, 2013

You know what really gets me ticked off about not getting tickets? Not the fact that I myself didn’t get any but that A WHOLE LOT of Emblems didn’t get any. I swear this is how the tickets went. It’s just not fair! I know what South Coast a& foreign fans may be thinking.

“Oh at least you have a show there.”

Trust me, I’m grateful they’re coming here at all but what’s the point if shit like this is gonna happen?! It’s just annoying -_- I hope you don’t get annoyed yourself by my complaining.

I may even still get tickets. Mom said if one of the sites go down to 75$ each (They’re currently ranging 90$-250$) we may be able to scrounge up the money to go but that’s not the point. My family doesn’t have that kind of money and if I didn’t just get Heart surgery this past October and if I was a usual fangirl (this really isn’t my thing, lol, so this is all new to me) I HIGHLY doubt that would even be happening. Hence the word scrounge.

And what about the people who can’t afford that? Who could barely afford the 30$? THAT’S what get me! Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get them but what about those worse off then me? If this was the one thing they were looking forward to and now because of these assholes, they can’t go. I honestly believe Emblem3 would NOT want this. If only they knew and could somehow stop them.

*SIGH* Thanks for reading my rant, if anyone even does. Not like I can do anything anyway. :-/ Happy for those who DID get them. You’re gonna have a blast

March 7, 2013

Nothing much as happened sonce last check-in. They finished, successfully, their shows in Cali and are getting pumped for East Coast shows! I know I already am! It is said that they will be releasing their new single "Chloe" this month and their new album in May! I hope that's true becuase I CAN'T WAIT!! If you haven't heard it yet, also check out their song "XO" which I am in love with. The vid is right in the sidebar to the right(: Remember, if you think I should do anything on here just tell me!

March 22, 2013

They have a VEVO channel. They're doing it. They're making their dreams come true. 

April 15, 2013

What's up all? It's been a while! If "all" is anyone anyway, sorry. So let's see...

In Emblem3 news, Chloe (You're The One I Want) comes out TOMORROW!! So excited for the iTunes release. Can't wait for the video either. Vevo, give us a date already!!

The #E3GB2C tour started this passing Friday. I was lucky enough to go to the Philly one.

My experience: 

---Not to exaggerate but I think it was the best day of my life. See, I was able to clearly see and hear the concert and meet Emblem3. When we got up to them, I asked Drew if I could hi-five him. He raised his hand and as I went to he turned it and held my hand, asking how I was (I think? lol, he said something). The security behind me was moving me along and he didn't let go. I legit asked "Can you let go? I don't wanna cry." He and Wesley laughed, Wes "stroked" my arm with an "aaawwwee" and Drew said "Ah I love you!" Soo yeah, bye now!

Kenny is in a contest, closely behind first place, so please vote for him!! Here's the link:   http://www.theuntz.com/the-untz-challenge-iv-making-your-dreams-a-reality

About a dozen cities and states have begun doing #TeamInspireTakeover's. It's so cool how it's growing! Check around Twitter for your city! Don't see it? Start one!

April 15, 2013 (LATER)

Ah! They released Chloe (You're The One I Want) early on iTunes! Go hit it up, young pups!

Available now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/e3chloe

May 8, 2013

Chloe now has an official lyric video, excuse my tears. 

More of May, 2013

These teasers will be the death of me. To be honest, I'm not big on the pop sound of Chloe but it must be a fun song to do your first music video too. 

May 28, 2013





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